7:56 and no Tuesday thread yet?

From the same container!?! lol


Morning all,

Sometimes driving to work with some good new music* and the sun shining is literally all I need. Despite coming in to some frustrating emails, I’m in a surprisingly good mood today. Long may it last.

  • the new Pip Blom album and the Dry Cleaning EP

This thread title makes me think of the first line of Advert by Blur. I don’t mean

Food processors are great


Good morning, good friends.

I am in a bed so much comfier than my own. I NEED to buy new pillows/bedding etc.

In South East London. Have the day off. Want to get back to Paddington - home eventually but is there anything good on in London on the way? I REALLY don’t want to waste my day off again. Hmmm.

Oh yeah I walked past some boys last evening at the train station and had the pleasure of being called a ‘Big tittie bitch’ so that was nice. I hadn’t had any harassment for ages.
Crazy how once the headphones are off and you’re not walking with a man, it happens. That was after being out of the house on my own for a whole 20 minutes.

Have a lovely day x



Head isn’t really in the game today. Was going library but then R wanted to go to the other library so moving that to the afternoon as I can’t switch plans up that fast.

Still in panic attack recovery mode from yesterday I think :frowning:


I really fancy going to the stuff in the Tate Modern at the moment. Looks really cool from what I keep seeing on Instagram / facebook

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Do they still have that Lego city exhibition on? Looked well cool

(nope, closed two days ago https://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/olafur-eliasson/olafur-eliasson-cubic-structural-evolution-project)

That’s the one. He’s the guy who did the Weather Project when the Tate Modern first opened, which was incredible. I love it when they get something really impressive in the turbine hall.


Woke up an hour earlier than I had to, still fully irked about that. Didn’t get to sleep until late either!


Working hard today. Meeting with a potential new team member whose interested in joining my party bus. Then kids this evening.

Gloucester for work tomorrow.

Need an early night, folks.

Always think it’s odd how some men feel the need to point out size of boobs, like we hadn’t noticed.

The v and a have Mary Quant exhibition on, it’s on my to visit list.


Morning all

Cut the fuck out of my finger last night, doing a quick bit of washing up before going out and this idiot put a sharp knife in the bowl and then cut himself on said knife. Loads of blood, me trying to make a bandage out of sling material (all I has in the shit 1st aid kit) and nurses tape one handed

I predict work will bitty and irritating today

Went to Leeds to see Vampillia last night. Very tired now

The main Olafur Eliasson exhibition is still on, until early next year.

Highly recommended for both adults and kids.

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You should go see Vampillia tomorrow if you’re free!

Sadly, I am not.


Broken dish.


Even less exciting than that, I’m afraid

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For a moment I thought you said ladies rather than lads and I was really digging that energy