7" B-Sides

Wasn’t Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want the B-Side on the 7” with How Soon Is Now? added on the 12”? . (this might be the most indie sentence I have ever typed)

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This is always my response whenever this topic comes up

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Ha… I was thinking that after I’d posted! I tend to overlook it as a B-side because it was on the debut.

Fuck the Divine Comedy did some excellent b-sides. My favourite:


On the flip from Many Lives → 49MP

Mogwai have some good ones.

The lesser-played Helicon. So sparse. So beautiful.

The b-side to Party in the Dark. So saturated. So rousing.


I’d not heard Eternal Panther before, what a rager!

While we’re on them I love this one


imho the best track to come out of the Stories From The City era: