7up or Sprite?

7up or Sprite is what this thread is about.

  • 7up
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7up or Sprite?

Is 7up the sweeter of the two? Much less refreshing.

Whatever happened to Fido Dido?


Fido Died

Sprite’s a little too sweet
Plus with 7up I can pretend I’m this guy


My curiosity about this led me to discover the red do on the 7up logo had a mega drive game https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cool_Spot
Feel pretty bad for Fido disobeying replaced by a circle


Sprite is usually my favourite fizzy drink but right now I’m having an Irn Bru and it’s fucking wonderful.

Cool Spot :sunglasses: great game


i voted 7up based on 7up Free vs Sprite Zero, as i don’t tend to ever drink the full sugar drinks. 7up Free is nice, Sprite Zero tastes of nothing. easy.

Bitch you thirsty please grab a Sprite.

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He was stripped of his mod powers and we try not to talk about him

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Both shit. Don’t even taste like lemons do they? All that clear lemonade is for nonces.

When I was young and saw 7up advertised for the first time, I thought it was called ‘Zup’.

Ha ha! What an idiot.

I used to like it when Zup sponsored the Jordan F1 team.

No more memories to share.

Got a can of lilt on the go atm btw

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Basically the same thing though, aren’t they.

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It’s lemon and lime, man. The lime is important.

I remember when everyone in school had Sprite-branded yo-yos

coca cola ones down my way