8th September 2020 Thread (Morning)

Sounds about right

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Good morning, feeling actually fresh for having fallen asleep about half seven last night (despite the before six wake up), missed D&D though because of that :-1:

Stress-free school drop off though and just waiting for the library to open to get some reservations (Never Take a Bear to School and The Koala Who Could, I think?)

Will attempt productivity today, will probably fail.

Edit: managed to not post this before, have now done the library stuff and am home.

Edit 2: apologies to @anon75298087 for posting about waking up refreshed right after her post, may I recommend falling asleep before 8pm as a potential solution?

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Morning all. Back to work tomorrow after a week off, so I guess this is Sunday. Should go out for a walk; might just watch Battlestar Galactica though. Cooked an 10-slice pack of bacon so I’ve got a few breakfasts in the bag for those mornings I can’t be arsed with standing over a frying pan.
Ah, I’ve got my cake today. Happy anniversary to me.

Lol it’s OK! I was being dramatic :smiley:

Really need to go back to the library, I’ve had a bunch of books all through lockdown and it’s just reopened. God knows how much I owe.

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Oh yeah, that was boss


Sudden veil of glumness has fallen over me :frowning:

Same author as, “You Can’t Take An Elephant On The Bus”?

Good bunch of animals.

What was this?

It is not. By some guy and illustrated by the world’s best illustrator of bears :heart:




Had some many busy dreams last night, feel exhausted. Had one where I was pushed out of a window, that was horrifying. :frowning: Couldn’t get back to sleep for ages.

Got stuck doing reporting as we’re a person down and it’s dull, I thought I had escaped this.

This arrived earlier unexpectedly and it’s so thoughtful I had a little cry :pleading_face: :heart:

We do not deserve Funkhouser, he is too good :sob:


Right I’m really struggling here. If I have some packaging that says it is fully compostable, can it go in my food waste bin? Seems a shame to just throw it out since it’s especially design to be biodegradable, but I don’t know where I could access a Specific composting facility

Spent this afternoon drinking tea and playing with the strimmer. Got a beer delivery, so that’s all good for later.

Never heard it blah blah blah


It’s really nice actually, oftentimes NA gin just tastes like bin water but not this one! Enjoy :heart:

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officially started, how you say in English, ‘taking the piss’ on this job.

nice to be back.

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Hands up, who had “day 3” in the sweepstake?


Thank you!!! :heart: xx

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