9/11 (September 11th)

Really interesting article.


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Can’t believe it’s 15 years since them slags etc.



@incandenza you better like my post ASAP or you’re dead to me

But how did building 7 and etc…

I was talking to a mate earlier about 9/11, specifically about how it was the first time those of us who were kids then really experienced disaster-as-real-time-docudrama due to 24 hour coverage etc. I think we may have used the word “postmodern” a little too much. A little solipsistic but it makes me feel like an old fart when I remember my nieces weren’t even born then.

It’s amazing how popular the conspiracy theories still are, I guess. Anyone on here buy any of them? The only bit I’ve ever found suspect is the stock market “put options” issued in the weeks leading up to the attacks. Will try to find a non-tinfoil link for anyone who’s interested.

The event that defined the world we live in now, and was ultimately only the prologue to the immense chaos and suffering we’ve caused in the Middle East and elsewhere. Basically, nihilism leading to nihilism.

Pre-game NFL coverage/“tributes” tonight were especially tacky. I don’t get americans.

idk if i remember the details but i remember agreeing that it was plausible that higher-ups knew more about the attacks then they let on


Yeah that stock market thing linked into that.

I have no trouble believing the CIA and NSA were so swaggeringly arrogant they just refused to believe their CIs, MI5/-6 and Mossad’s warnings. They had a few of the hijackers under surveillance for ages and when they dropped off the grid the US intel services assumed they were only dealing with dipshit geeks and never bothered chasing them up. Despite the info discovered in the wake of Bojinka and the fact it was known the hijackers were taking flight lessons and had links to Hamburg.

Basically the US gov were utter fuckheads.

Criminally complacent at the very least.

“…he says he needs $1.4 million, which sounds like a pretty optimistic estimate considering he has to build and then destroy a skyscraper.”

Zlatan’s thoughts from Carnival yesterday:

Juat had a read of that. Very interesting stuff.


pretty impressive how they managed to get the whole city of NY in on it though

ah I get what’s going on here…