9 types personality test


There are 2 tests to help get more conclusive results. Normally don’t care about these or really buy into them but this one is genuinely amazing, I got type 5 and deeply identified with literally every single point which hasn’t happened with a test before. Not sure about the wing bit though. So what did you get?


I got Type 8 = cloud botherer



A type 4 with 3 "wings"
Fucking faux zodiac bullshit


You are most likely a type 5 (the Investigator) with 6 wing

Self-preservation variant


This is inaccurate as I’m devoid of personality


overly analytical ginger

that’s me, regardless of whether it’s in this test or not


Did you get the result but not find it applied at all? I got 5 for both which was good to get it so accurate but bad because my personality sucks tbh


Yeah the description was dead on to be fair. Often think my personality isn’t my real one though, like naturally I think I might be really extroverted and outgoing but years of social failure have made me withdrawn, so answering questions is really difficult as I’m torn between instinctual and actual


Got 9 - Peacemaker. Couldn’t be arsed reading the description as the title is nonsense.


Enneagram Type 7 - The Enthusiast


The titles are rubbish but the info I found was great


How long’s this gonna take?


The second one took me hardly any time but the first one is a bit longer!




Classic Mourinho formation


type 4.

Really sums me up and makes me seem like a massive arsehole at the same time.



especially enjoyed this painful part “Rather than look for practical solutions to their difficulties, Fours are prone to fantasizing about a savior who will rescue them from their unhappiness.”


I think these things can more or less describe anybody at different points, and are set up for arbitrary self-fulfilling prophecies at best, and a form of exploitation at worst.


as a type 4 with 3 wing you would say that!


Such a 4!