90mins with Ezra Furman - new interview

Hey everyone,

I recently conducted an in depth reflective interview with Ezra. A unique, wise and enigmatic character I am sure you will agree. Available for free here or if easier you can hear it on iTunes, Spotify and all the podcast apps.

We pay tribute to Leonard Cohen and Ezra details the challenges when writing The Refugee, tells us how Lousy Connection & Teddy I’m Ready were composed and discusses the impact Donald Trump’s Presidency may on future artistic output. Ezra also discusses identity, heritage, Green Day, passes advice onto young musicians and talks through covering Crown of Love by Arcade Fire.

“I started to shed a self that was created for an audience…Liberation don’t come easy.”

The StageLeft Podcast


Good stuff,
Will have a listen soon

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Been meaning to listen to EF for aaages off the strength of yr recommend. Might do the interview first, can be a pretty good way to get into someone, plus I love crown of love :ok_hand:

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He’s fucking ace ma man and so good live

On it this week dude. Can you suggest one album to start with?

I love day of the dog

This is fucking brilliant mate.

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Listened to Ezra for the first time based on this thread.

Colour me enjoying this music a lot.

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Glad you like it Fintan, I came to that record a good few months after it came out and a pal put me onto it.
I pretty much had it on non stop for weeks :slight_smile:

Going to see him tonight man. Looking forward to it.

Any other dis crew going to Barbican?

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I was offered a ticket for this at the weekend, would loved to have gone but no chance.
Should be brilliant, have fun ma man!

Anyone had a listen to Transangelic Exodus yet?

Sounds as ambitiously pompous as the title suggests (essentially a concept album) but I kinda like it.

Love You So Bad stands out as one of the most straightforward tracks on there.

Is it streaming somewhere?

Ah my bad, I assumed it had. I’ve been listening to a review copy.

Aha no worries, glad to hear you’re enjoying it (or at least kinda).

I kinda forgot about him after Perpetual Motion People to be honest, but he put on a great show for that album so would be keen for him to do well.

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I didn’t even realise there was a new album in a few weeks!

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