90s sweets and shit

Got number 9 wrong

Campino’s were a waste of time weren’t they

Harsh. First album was alright.


Yeah, they are not for me.


Fruitopia and Tab Clear wrong.



didn’t get Fruitopia where I lived :confused:

I had 7. The first few got me.

10/10 piece of piss (guessed Fruitopia tbf)

Frosties were fucking superb

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8/10. Really likes Frosties and ate a lot of them. How did they get away with being called frosties tho?

I don’t think I ate anything in the 90s

The fucking nuts on them to name them that

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Big fucking bollocks, lad. Big, swinging bollocks.


Why I oughtta

What would you bring back from that list? Frosties for me.

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I might release a fizzy coconut drink and call it Crunchy Nut Cornflakes

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3Ds maybe or Spira (but that is just the same as many other DM choc bars really) Maybe Tab Clear?

9/10, got the first one wrong (the crisps). Don’t remember those at all.

Gonna have to dial back on my bold statement from yesterday that I’d pick “crisps” on Mastermind.