90s sweets and shit

9/10, got the first one wrong (the crisps). Don’t remember those at all.

Gonna have to dial back on my bold statement from yesterday that I’d pick “crisps” on Mastermind.


Literally never heard of the thing in question 10.


bullshit they were

Shots fired

They meant these didn’t they, absolute jerk-offs

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Tab must have been really early 90s, would’ve said 80s

Should have called them fucking useless lump of frozen together bullshit.

never seen a tab in my life

Got to agree with that, they were an excellent concept but diminished by the forces and power of our celestial God

on it?

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clear diet coke that nobody bought.

I award this post “Highly Commended”


Dad always bought me & sis a packet of either Frosties or Chewits after school.

Tab Clear was funny stuff. Must’ve been the late 80s or very early 90s. Anybody remember that awesome fizzy drink named after Nemesis at Alton Towers? It was blackcurrant and liquorice flavour and bloody awesome.

I’ve currently got some Frisps in the house

My wife says that S&V Frisps are the greatest crisp. They taste cold.

Yet she doesn’t like vinegar which is a right P in the A.

I remember S&V Frisps being way better than they are. They’re just a Disco with a worse shape.