99% Invisible

I’m Roman Mars…

I reckon in terms of the sheer volume of great episodes, 99% Invisible is the most consistently good one. So much so that I reckon it deserves its own thread. I’ve learned so much from it over the years and they really know how to make a subject matter interesting.

Here are three (of many) great episodes if you haven’t heard it and want to give it a try:

From beautiful… downtown… Oakland, California.


Tell you one thing that surprised me in that recent announcement with them moving from Radiotopia to Stitcher (considering Roman Mars is one of the founders of Radiotopia) was that Roman Mars said he’s personally going to donate $1,000,000 to Radiotopia as a leaving gift because he still believes in it. I had no idea the guy was so rich! Always assumed podcasters would just be scraping by.


Used to listen up to a couple years ago but went off it. Used to enjoy it but preferred Radiolab.

they really rub me up the wrong way sorry. Something very smug about them.

Oh yeah? I’ve enjoyed quite a few recently, was thinking it was impressive they still have so many good ones after going for so long.

I’ll admit that the new thing they’ve done with the first half being the story and the second half being interviews and extra details often means the second half drags a bit, but dividing it like that does make it a lot easier to skip.

Some recent ones I’ve liked (mostly because I didn’t know much about the subjects beforehand) have been

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I do enjoy the concept though, just wish they didn’t have the little quizzical xylophone ditties

I can see that, and I experience it with a lot of podcasts from the US. It bothers me less personally with 99pi than a lot of others though.

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I think it’s cos I had a few others on rotation at one point that were structured very similarly, like some audio ones where it’s like a little intro, some upbeat tune then a 10 minute narration and a little tidy ending that ties it back to the start.

Maybe if they were a bit longer it would avoid feeling like they follow a formula so much but then I guess a lot of people like the light 20 minutes and done approach


Roman Mars and Phoebe Judge from Criminal should do a podcast of bedtime stories. I’d sleep soundly every night. Nice, warm, comforting voices.

I cannot get on with Radiolab. It’s so loud and in-your-face and brash. 99PI is like the antithesis to that and is absolutely wonderful.

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I haven’t listened to many but I remember ones about Kowloon Walled City and another about a phone booth in the desert being good


I love 99pi and I want Roman Mars to read my emails to me

Anothef podcast I really like is The Anthropocene Reviewed

Kowloon walled City is a highlight.

Also top episodes were the ones about:

A symbol to warn of radiation for 10000 years.
The grid design of Salt Lake city
The model who most of new york’s statues are based on

Phoebe has been doing this over the past year!

i used to listen religiuously. the CITIBANK tower episode, the # episode and a few others are just amazing.

but i dropped off when they moved to hour long eps, frankly. also, not doing as much long driving, so fell away.