999 call audit (by service)

Police - 3
Ambulance - 4
Fire Brigade - 0
Coastguard - 0
Other - 0

Total - 7

Ambulance - 1

Rest 0, except the Ambulance call also included mention of the fire service given that a lab had just blown up.

Or, in poll form:

Have you ever called 999 for

  • Police
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Brigade
  • Coastguard
  • lifeboat service
  • mountain rescue
  • moorland search and rescue
  • quicksand search and rescue
  • mine rescue
  • bomb disposal

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I have never called 999.


Police, they never showed up. Worse than useless.

I doubt they would have been much use, but better than nothing I suppose.

I’ve called 999 twice

Once for an ambulance when a mate had a nasty bike crash. I had to ride down to the pub we were on our way to (we were riding off road and mobile signal was bad). I forgot I was wearing tinsel on my helmet, as it was a pre-christmas ride. Everyone in the pub were laughing at my festive appearance and I was trying to be all - can I use the phone to call an ambulance serious.

2nd time was for both police and ambulance after seeing a big car crash. Someone else got through before me

I’ve never had to dial 999 either. Though, I got my boyfriend to phone the police one night. He was staying over at my flat before we lived together and my building had pretty much permanent scaffolding up due to subsidence. It was the type that had stairs instead of ladders. I lived on the 3rd floor and woke up one night to the sound of footsteps on the scaffolding stairs and a creepy silhouette of a guy right outside my window :scream: was a bit creeptastic.

Police turned up and spoke to the guy, turns out he was staying with his friend who had gone home early with a girl he met at a club and failed to give him keys to get back in and wasn’t answering his phone… :point_right::ok_hand:

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Police and ambulance twice each. Police calls were for an assault in my old block of flats where two women got badly beat up and their door kicked in, and another for a stabbing on the street I used to live on. Ambulance calls were both drunk people on nights out who had bean beaten up and left in the street.

My old job used to be taking 999 calls for Ambulances, it was very strange!

Called for an ambulance after I was woken up by a man getting attacked by a dog outside my house. I think he stuck his finger up the dogs’ arse or whatever you do to get them off as all was fine and dandy before they arrived.

Called police when I seen some guy getting his head stomped on outside a pub.

Called the coastguard once 'cause I thought I could see a light doing S.O.S in morse code. Turned out to be a lighthouse.

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ambulance - somewhere between 10 - 20 times, I forget
police - 1
the rest - 0

Police once (walking past a house that looked like it was being burgled: alarm going off, van parked on driveway with back doors open at 2 am)
Ambulance 4 times:

  • For Dad, on the advice of NHS 111
  • For Mum on the advice of NHS 111
  • For 2 year old kid who’d been run over by a 4x4 by New Barnet station
  • For a man who’d was recovering from heart surgery and collapsed on the floor outside McDonalds on Barnet High Street.