9am and no daily thread (wednesday)


I’m in the office, with a tickly cough and a negative LFT



Cars still not fixed, it’s very grey and rainy, not got a huge amount of work to do today, woke up all grumpy for some reason. Would love to go back to bed right now tbh.

Morning all!

I haven’t slept well despite sleeping for most of the night and The Child responded to our new system for leaving the house by almost turning on waterworks twice on the way to nursery.

I need to mark eleven assessments for tomorrow morning ,and make a decent dent in twelve essays for tomorrow afternoon.

All day meeting on Teams. CBA levels off the charts.


Absolutely shattered. Woke up pretty much every hour last night, either needing a wee 29 weeks pregnant plus UTI or feeling really anxious about, well, lots of things I guess.

Thankfully it’s a WFH day today, and I had a really productive day yesterday so I can take it quite easy today, maybe have a nap, maybe go for a walk with smaller of the big dogs, definitely working from sofa whatever I do.


Looks nice out there but mucho windy again.

About to take the dog out.

Think I had two vitamin tablets this morning by mistake, so I should be turning into the Hulk shortly.

What a silly night I had last night. Laid awake for most of it just willing my lottery numbers to come up so I can get a cottage far away and grow huge spindly rose bushes. As yet no notification from the guys at Big Lottery.

No hope of getting my work done this week, got a meeting tomorrow (day off) to check how far along with it I am (not started). Time to fake my own death I think lads.

Having one of those weeks where it all comes crashing down.

Work stuff has gone super stressful due to a deep-rooted site error that is going to be abominable to even figure out let alone fix.

But that’s the ‘chill’ bit.

Over the weekend, it became clear that A is getting totally wiped out by even small amounts of exertion. It screams of long covid.

The doctor has put her on Amoxcilin in hopes that that fatigue and cough is all a throat infection that she caught off the back of her covid hit three weeks ago. But so far, it’s making no difference.

A is high risk. If she gets long covid (ie if these symptoms now are longterm) it will be absolutely horrible and affect a giant amount of things from her career to our travel plans etc.

This should probably be in the MH thread. I’m absolutely shitting it M9s

Went to the office to pick up some paperwork. We’d ran out of paperwork. Back home now. Two and a half hours on buses for nothing.

So, we’ve been having a loft hatch / ladder fitted in the house the last couple of days, which has freaked the cats out no end. Pascal retreated to his normal hiding place, which actually made things worse since it’s in the room where the work was taking place. Holly regressed and worked out a way of getting to the hiding place she went to when she was a kitten - which was in a box on top of some tall shelves (where the only way up or down was to balance on top of the open door). Anyway, this must have reawakened some primal climbing instincts in her, because the little shit decided that 5am was the ideal time to remember that she also used to climb the curtains :smirk_cat:

Tbf they would have sent you paperwork letting you know of the shortage but…

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It’s time to play ‘how many episodes of frasier can i watch before someone sets up my remote login.’ I’m guessing three. Got a large pot of coffee on the go. That’s about it, I reckon.

Going to baby jazz shortly. Very excited


You’ll need about six of them to do the double bass


Ffs I shouldn’t have dawdled thinking up a joke for this, knew someone would beat me

I mean it’s not like I’m doing any work


This already feels like an emergency pizza kind of night.

I’m sure you’ve checked already, but for everyone else’s benefit



Riddle me this, why was I falling asleep trying to read my book on the sofa at 6 o’clock but when I finished my book and went to bed just after midnight I was wide awake and couldn’t sleep for hours and hours? :sleeping:

Had a cool dream about a massive roller-coaster in the sky this morning.

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