A 2020 Running thread

Hi there runners of DiS and happy new year! May the next 12 months bring you many PBs and annoyingly ill-fitting finisher t-shirts.

Anyone have a race today or attempt the parkrun double? I did Whitstable this morning (flat but rammed, great views and cheeky finish), then ran to Canterbury for the 10:30 start (I know parkrun is a #lovelytime but God that is an awful course). About 20.5k all in. Currently abusing the spoons free coffee refills system having just ate a jacket spud in record time.

Few upcoming races but they will just be done at training pace bar the xc. What are you up to? I also need some new shoes stat.

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Hi @mildmanneredjanitor, I’m going to train for a half marathon and roughly follow this plan. I’ve done 10Ks in the past but could probably just manage 5K now before dying.

Some quick Qs:
If I do badminton/ 5 a side one/ two days a week day should I treat that as a rest or CT day do you think? Is the idea of CT days to be off your feat?

Should I really fork out on proper run trainers?

When is best to fit strength/ core stuff in?

Also any other general advice would be great.

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Hey @mildmanneredjanitor! I did my first run yesterday after a while. New shoes and a new year! Edinburgh Marathon at the end of the May, so routine needs forming again! Feeling the Christmas gut haha

Best of luck to you all for the new year of putting one leg in front of the other at speed :running_man:


First run of the year today. Used Strava for the first time because I got some wireless earbuds and a running belt to hold phone and keys. Really like the km and time notifications - found I was barely looking at my watch and pushing myself a bit harder trying to beat previous km times.

Also got a third fastest of the day on a segment :partying_face:


I do this on the days I don’t run. 3 days ‘intense’ cardio, the other 3 strength and light cardio like a swim. I used to run before doing weights but that became really unsustainable and I was just going at half speed on both things.

Hi runners.

Managed 867 miles running last year, mostly all trail running.

Started off 2020 with an 8.9 mile run in the beautiful Pentlands.

Good luck to everyone this year.


Plans to end 2019 and start 2020 with runs were curtailed due to sickness. So my final run of the year was a nice 10-miler in Staplehurst. Did it 5 minutes quicker than I intended and still felt good.

Got Brighton marathon lined up and I’ll do the Paddock Wood half again as a taper run before the big event.

Nothing else booked yet but there’s an interesting looking half in September around 4 of the south east coast castles (Dover, Deal, etc)

Got new shoes just before Christmas and I’m definitely noticing the difference

Oh, and managed 650 miles for 2019. Targeting 700+ for 2020

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Agree with @ChorizoPasta on the core/strength stuff. Doing that is to help injury prevention partly anyways so doing it on the rest day from running makes sense.

I’d probably say badders/footy aren’t really grand for cross training. Not so much not being off your feet but you’re not allowing your bod to recover because they are very high intensity sports.

Yes, fork out for proper shoes. Will last longer and stop you getting injured. Get your gait checked out as well before you buy them so you get ones suited to you.

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Got back into 3x5k a week last year which I was pretty happy with but massively trailed off for the last couple of months along with all the eating and drinking that come with them.

Need to start up again this week and am thinking I’ll sign up for the Hackney Half as motivation for the first few months of the year.

Need to start up again, had a break over December due to work stresses/changes.

I think trying to take a minute or so off my PB for 5K is the way to go at the moment.

Bought a pair of new balance 860v10s at lunch. Gonna give em a runabout on the track later :heart_eyes:

trying to defy the aging process and beat all of my PBs this year to celebrate being 30


not sure how realistic it is because I think all of those were brutal, I was legitimately sick in my mouth and had to spit it out during the 10k but I was a few years younger/dumber and had a bet against a friend

more realistic aim is to gently surpass this, sure I can do more than 80 runs over a year

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30 is absolutely no age for running tbf, you’ve got a couple of decades of PBs in you if you want!

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is walking good? anyone want to go on a big walk?

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Yeah, I think I’m done with PBs now. I’d like to get sub-1:50 on the Paddock Wood half this year after missing out by a couple of seconds last year, but ultimately it’s just about distance and enjoying it now. Some days it all comes together and you think “OK, I’ll push it to see what I can do”, but I’ve been so far off my shorter distance PBs for a while that it would take something extraordinary to get anywhere near them again.

looking for some nice places to run

I live in South East London/ Brockley and also in Bath

I really miss my Blackheath Common/Greenwich Park route from when I used to live in New Cross. Something very peaceful about it somehow. Also, I was in a really beautiful flower garden section of Greenwich Park on a run when I got the phone call that my dog had died and it fairly daftly became a really nice reflective part of the world for me on future runs.

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think I might just run round Peckham Rye


I used to live in Bear Flat and I’d walk up to South Stoke and I don’t know what I’d do then but I’d always end up coming out in the same place and it was a nice walk.
Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 21.21.46

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this looks nice https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/bath-skyline/features/running-on-the-bath-skyline

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