A 2020 Running thread

yeah just some prick in a big house out washing his 4x4. was about 8km in as well so wasn’t in the best of shape to answer back.

might start looking for quieter routes now, but it’s hard round here

I went out at 6am yesterday, just a 4-miler. Only saw a couple of dog walkers and I ran into the road when passing them. Should be OK to continue with that approach. Will change if other locals have a similar idea though.

Reckon running from the house and observing good practice around distancing/interactions is ok at the moment. I know it’s minor in the grand scheme of things, but was relieved the statement last night permitted daily exercise outside.

Went out this morning and took a few evasive turns round the back of the pub to avoid the guy at the bus stop and over the road bridge to avoid a runner on the footbridge. Will probably throw in a few cheeky trips over the golf course, I imagine the local busy body is self isolating so should avoid a telling off as that was a great route before they gated off the bridge (still not sure that access was officially revoked).

Went out last night, using the middle of the road technique, but I’ve already gone backwards a bit from losing my 3k of walking a day.

Managed to get out early this morning which was good, it was reasonably quiet and I stuck to the middle of the roads/middle of the parks. Still felt super guilty though.


(both metaphorical and literal)

Yep, up at 5.45 this morning for a run. I have to stick to paths, so need to be confident that there will be virtually no-one else around. Saw two other people; a fellow runner (who was walking at the time) and a dog-walker. Was able to keep my distance from both.