A £50 note

  • Would say this is in general circulation
  • Would not

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Don’t think I’ve ever seen one

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I don’t think I’ve ever had a £50 note.

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Good question: Circulation, yes but general circulation? No

  • you can’t get one from a cashpoint
  • most people haven’t held one in the last decade
  • you would get a weird look paying for your fish and chips with one
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Gonna write to the 1% Club and tell them they got it wrong

Would you say youre in general cinculayion?

  • Yes
  • No

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feels weird that you can get €50 notes out of the atm and break them for a pint or whatever and they’re basically the same currency


Theres nothing quite like the anxiety of trying to spend a £50 note


I ended up with a €500 and a €200 note once and they were a nightmare, even the bank didn’t like them

(Not a flex, it was like a rent deposit return or something and I didn’t have a bank account so the landlord gave me it in cash)

€50 note barely buys a round for 6 in Dublin though :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I think I’ve only seen one once, was working in a shop and handling money regularly and on one single occasion someone paid with one and it was the first time I’d ever seen one. I still reckon that counts as general circulation though.

used one recently to pay for some plants at the garden centre. Person on till called someone over to check it, which involved them just looking as closely at it as the person on the till before concluding it was a £50 note.


They have to do that though, when I worked at the cinema #Cineworld, any 50 quid note had to be double checked

yeah, it’s just there wasn’t any fancy check, they just held it up and looked at it for like 2 seconds. At least pretend to put it under a light, or tap it or something. Also, who can fake polymer notes now? Bloody heroes if they can fake them.

I’m surprised they’re not used more widely now, given inflation, etc.

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The amount of £50s I’d see on a daily basis in my old job was obscene

There’sa particular type of weird rural Tory that would pay for their petrol with them back in the eighties when I worked in a garage.


alright Bertie


Just resting in my wallet!

How many were real?