A.A.L./Against All Logic- 2012-2017 (Nicolas Jaar)


anyone else picked this up?
fucking hell it’s just a string of absolute bangers


Thought it would be a bit too ‘housey’ for my liking but it’s really good. That opening track is a monster.


Yes. Really good. Will be listening to it for a while.


It is really worth for listening. I will listen to it later on…


Possibly the best thing he’s done


This is great. I was looking for something to listen for running and this is perfect.


Haven’t listened yet but I’ve enjoyed everything he’s put out as AAL already. This one from his RA mix is absolutely great


Has overtaken Hookworms as my AOTY so far.


its brillliant


glad people are enjoying it. it hits the perfect spot between straight up club-ready house and Nico Jaar’s more experimental leanings. obviously leans more heavily towards the pop end of that spectrum, and I think that might be where I prefer him.

will be very surprised (and pleased) if anything comes close to this for sheer enjoyability this year


Cannot stop grinning when listening to this!


Yup! Really enjoying this. Not sure it pips Sirens for me, but it’s still a mighty fine and fun listen.


Aye it made me go back to Sirens and I didn’t realise he’d put out a deluxe edition. Such a criminally overlooked album from last year.


The deluxe edition is bloody good too. No idea how he left ‘Coin in Nine Hands’ off the original version.


just started listening. second track reminds me a bit of Mark E, which is obviously dead good.


Interesting to see people preferring different styles of Jaar’s music…I fall into the camp of just about preferring his Sirens-style ambient collages…but this is still mighty, mighty fine.

It’s a testament to him that he can produce very different styles and maintain such a high standard. Just one of the best musicians around right now.


Ah go on, I’ll add an order (of stuff I’ve heard…including side-projects).

Psychic (Darkside) > Sirens (deluxe outstripping the original version) > 2012 - 2017 > Space is Only Noise > Pomegranates > Nymphs


Definitely, has that same chugging bass his best edits have.

I really like it, it’s the perfect mix of his more club oriented stuff and the beatless bits of his mixes. Hope he tours again off the back of this, saw him live in 2013 and he was amazing.


Fucking love Psychic.


That gig at the coronet in e&c was :ok_hand: