A.A.L./Against All Logic- 2012-2017 (Nicolas Jaar)

Another new album out next week apparently - Telas


Sounds like it will be closer to the amorphous / experimental end of things reading the notes. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it reads like it will be a soundtrack to a visual experiment rather than a standalone record.

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Sounds like my sort of thing!

Thought this was out tonight (think he is playing part of it tonight on a radio show in Italy). I do quite like this releasing all the stuff I’ve been doing over the course of the year.

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Wasn’t there a Forest Swords / Actress collab(s) coming too? C’mon Nick.

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That was very nice. He played another (non Telas) track called “All One” afterwards as well which was pretty cool.

Here’s the whole show (Intro, Telahora & All One) - https://soundcloud.com/user-655130117/nicolas-jaar-telas-part-1-radio-alhara

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I don’t understand what the fuck this is


Well, Telas is going to need some time spent with it. But I’m actually really fascinated by it two listens in. He really can do anything…

Not sure how I feel about Telas after a couple of listens. Some of it is (kinda) ambient and in other places it feels like improvised electronic jazz - reminds me of Bitter Funeral Beer but I don’t have much jazz reference so that may be way off.

Weirdly it’s the sort of thing I like as background even though it feels like it needs attention to appreciate but I’m not sure i will naturally reach for it to have as background music.

Cenizas is great imo but glad he is experimenting and pushing in all directions.

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Telas has definitely clicked for me now

For anyone interested in these things both Telas and Cenizas have been released on vinyl now although Cenizas comes with a book of some sort so is silly money.

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It’s great. I won’t listen to it loads, but find it so immersive.

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Of everything Jaar has done I FUCKING LOVE DARKSIDE. I hope that “Talk Soon” means something.



From instagram it was finished last year. Fuck 2020 a lot


Beat me to it. Maybe 2020 isn’t utter shite after all.


This needs its own thread. Almost didn’t see it here, and this news has made my day!

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I had no idea Jaar was in Darkstar. I thought they were English!

Re-releasing Space Is Only Noise


Really glad I bought the original vinyl a few months back then. Probably in my top 3 records of the last decade but I’m not shelling £30 for fancy packing and no new tracks.

Likes his 45rpm albums doesn’t he.

Quite tempted tbh as it does look nice.