A.A.L./Against All Logic- 2012-2017 (Nicolas Jaar)

I saw him at Simple Things festival in Bristol, he played the big room at Colston Hall which holds about 3000. Pretty amazing seeing someone play a room that big with just a laptop and a sequencer and be utterly captivating. The Sirens tour did a load of much smaller places, think he played Granada Studios in Leeds on that tour. Actually prefer his DJ sets to his production but he DJs even less than he plays live.

Pretty sure he’s played Glasgow twice in the past few years, both DJing (Subclub) and ‘live’ (Barrowlands). Have missed him both times sadly but heard really great things.

(… huh, actually thought the dj set was more recent but just looked it up and it was 2015)

Darkside is the best thing he’s done. The live show was spectacular. Hope they come back one day.

This is just behind it and is the kind of thing everyone assumed he would make when he first started out.

I never dream is a tune. Album needed on vinyl ASAFP

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That album is some serious boogie. Love it.

darkside live >>>>>> the psychic record (IMHO)

Loving this. Some kind of game is really great!


Really enjoying this. Listened when I went running yesterday and just having a second listen over speakers now. Love the house piano on Some Kind of Game :grinning:

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AOTY so far for me. The guy is stupidly talented.

That’s a Kanye sample on Such a Bad Way yeah?

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So, on the strength of the reviews in here, I’m giving this a go.
Is it supposed to sound like it’s blitzing out my speakers on the first track? My earphones are weeping at the high end distortion.


Only 1st track


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seen him 3 times:
Live @ bloc weekender 2012
Darkside @ Dimensions festival 2014
DJ @ Houghton festival 2017

DJing was probably the best for me I think, didn’t recognise anything he was playing so assume it is/was all his own unreleased compositions. Played this track with a helicopter sound over the top, was incredible in combination with the visuals behind him.

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and what a weekender!

I actually saw Steve Reich, Amon Tobin, MF DOOM, Flying Lotus, Oneman, Oneohtrix Point Never, Blanck Mass and Factory Floor for a grand sum of about 5 quid so I have pretty fond memories overall


haha yeah it should read Bloc afternooner.
Steve Reich in the afternoon! (think I made this reference a lot at the time)
Yeah we saw SR, Amon Tobin, Jaar, some people on the Stubnitz before it went crazy busy, Midland… then everything went a bit Children of Men. What a shitshow, i’m still amazed nobody died

Ayy, at the time it was legit scary and really, really dangerous. Also the line up was so ridiculous that sometimes I still get sad thinking of what could have been.


Gutted we missed Sandwell District - but glad we escaped unharmed.
I can remember queuing up to try and get back on the stubnitz later on because we thought we could ride it out on there in relatively safety, as the main site was just carnage (people rushing into already full tents past ‘security’) - but it was just a mad crush of people with nowhere to go - we were near some temporary fencing that just buckled under the pressure from people against it. If it was a solid wall or something it would have been really bad. Managed to climb over some toast truck and we got the fuck outta there.
The looks on the people ‘trapped’ on board looking down at the mass of people being squashed below I will never forget.

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Was still in the queue for both Nicolas Jaar and Amon Tobin. Saw the tail end of DMZ and all of Shackleton on a soundsystem that would be more suitable to the delivery of a pub quiz. Fucked it off in time to get the last DLR back to civilisation.

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Ooo this is good, eh? Not convinced by the first track, but it appears to be wall-to-wall bangers after that.

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