A "anything fun for kids going on this weekend in London?" thread

Got the niece and nephew coming over on Sunday.

Any dead fun stuff for a 5 and an 8 year old to do that any of you lot are aware of?

M & M World → Garfunkel’s → China Whites → Stringfellow’s → Spearmint Rhino


It’s always inevitable and it always makes me laugh.


take them up the ox… no…

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Absolutely no.

No No No No.

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Well, cheers guys. Good chat.

What are these kids into? They like guns?

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Chobham Adventure Farm.

I reckon you could get there with a minimum of fuss. Maybe a couple of tubes, a train, two buses and a taxi.

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Weird, I thought he asked for fun things to do in London, not in some nowhere satellite town

My niece basically only likes dancing, reading and doing her homework (enormous boff)

My nephew is currently into drawing sharks, gymnastics and crying about having to eat Dairylea Dunkables sometimes.

Take them to the big chess board in Holland Park. Kids love chess right?

How about a fucking clog museum?


Are we expecting any helpful people to turn up?

I sure hope so!

The Aquarium? How much moolah you looking to spend, i.e. how much do you love these kids?

Money is no object to me when it comes to my niece and nephew. The Aquarium, however, is very shit. Thank you for your suggestion though.

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A lovely summer’s day. What shall we do? Let’s go into an underground pit and look at some piranhas that don’t move.