A "anything fun for kids going on this weekend in London?" thread

Just had a brief shufty through Time Out and this was the kinda shit I enjoyed going to as a kid (read the synopsis cos from the titles alone they sound quite dry):

I was in London once, went a walk. Ended up in fucking Chelsea or somewhere like that, turned around and headed whence I came.

Was alright.

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A visit to the FM offices?

What about some sort of petting zoo?

Will probably just end up taking them to Whittington Park and exposing them to dat kush for the first time via the teens

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you been to the Horniman recently? appazas there’s crazy golf now. And butterflies.

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My parents visited recently and were very impressed with the facilities and location.

I’m not going south of the fucking river am I mate

wish we’d never fucking moved

Yeah, this’ll probably have to do won’t it. Never mind.

I am very sorry to hear* you say** that


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Hunterian Museum

Was about to post this, but seeing your recent reply. That’d be a no then.


Sainsbury in Ladbroke Grove has the largest section dedicated to dairylea that I’ve ever seen. Might be worth a trip


What the fuck is wrong with a petting zoo? I love petting the shit out of animals, always have.

Went there about four years and one week ago. Fucking horrifying

Can 5 year olds do zorbing?

Yeah, same mate. I’ll touch any (land based, non-amphibious or reptillian) animal.

m8 I’ve stroked a stingray, you’re missing out, it was lush

I played Zorb Football 359 days ago. It was fun.

Nah, fuck that fam. Fuck an ocean creature. Not a chance I’m touching any of those weird bastards.