A beer thread for people who just like to drink Stella Artois etc

Best beer by country?:

England: Timmy Taylor’s Landlord
Scotland: Deuchars IPA
Wales: ?
Ireland: Guinness
France: Biere Speciale
Spain: Estrella Galicia
Germany: Veltins
Holland: Heineken
Poland: Lech
Belgium: M&S Belgian Lager


Prefer Golden Best to Landlord.

we served that and Landlord in a pub I worked in ages ago. bit too light for me.

Czech Republic: Pilsner Urquell

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hmm, prefer Budvar but I often get sucked in by the cool Urquell taps at the bar.

^ Urqed


Australia: Fosters



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Yeah it’s not a very popular opinion, but one me and my dad hold.

My friend used to work in the factory and got a few bottles of Landlord every Friday, I think.

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Portugal: Super bock. Fucking love a pint of ice cold super bock on a hot day.


Shipyard IPA is like 2 quid at my local wetherspoons. Always accidentally end up putting away like 8 pints in a session because of this.

Strange hobby

Couldn’t stand super bock, plus there were rarely any alternatives.

Somebody will undoubtedly say Brains SA for Wales. Or any Brains beer. I’m here to say they are wrong before they say it.

It’s probably currently something from Tiny Rebel or possibly Otley. Dunno. So much beer so little time.

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India: Tiger

no, Cobra


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Japan: Asahi Super Dry


Denmark - Mikkeller Imperial India Pale Ale Mosaic

My manager at said pub above was Welsh and a massive alcoholic that loved Brains. He ordered in a few casks hoping that it might catch on, but no one liked it. I think he went through about 3 casks on his own during working hours during the 2 or so months I worked there.