A beer thread for people who just like to drink Stella Artois etc

Denmark: Mikkeller Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Raspberry sour

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Japan - Sapporo, fucking love the cans

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always feel like a bit of a prick drinking them because of this though. do like a Kirin Ichiban.

Greenwich Mean Time? Another pub I worked in stocked this as its only lager, and it gets boring so damn quickly. Kind of has a sewage like quality to it.

Red Stripe

Jamacia: Red Stripe

is red stripe still the hipster’s choice? There was definitely a move towards polish lagers a couple of years ago, but I saw some guys in caps the other day drinking tins of red stripe and its made me rethink things.

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Brazil: Brahma

can’t understand you Brits’ obsession with Red Stripe, it’s absolute pisswater


That’s sort of the point, I can drink about 90 and be fine. Its nice pisswater too.


Kirin Ichiban, surely.

Asahi Super Dry is like drinking a sandpit.

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My mate can get quite a few asahi stubbies for free from their work but I’m usually like, uh, still nah.

most of their stuff is just really average. Unchanged in years. It’s definitely an old mans drink here. Or the thing you drink when there is nothing else decent on tap ale wise…


alternatives? Amstel and Grolsch aren’t nice.

Mexico - Dos Equis


I always liked oranjeboom, mostly for the design of their cans

germany: astra is the WORST, which is unfortunate 'cos it has the best logo.

best is konig pilsener, or krombacher if you can’t get that

If you exclude craft breweries, Dommelsch.

It should also be noted that proper Dutch-brewed Grolsch is many times better than the stuff they serve in the UK (brewed under license in Burton Upon Trent).

craft breweries are indeed excluded. I’ll keep an eye out for that.