A Big Girthy Piece of London Meat (14th Oct)

You are cordially invited to a cider/beer-tasting event with free bants and perving supplied. I might be lairy having just watched Hendon v Tonbridge Angels with @he_2 and maybe @anon76851889?

Craft Beer Co at Old Street again, yeah? Quite nice and central innit. WHO’S IN??

for the fao of @anon82218317 @jazzballet @WizardLizard @hexagram @OceanStorm @foppyish @anyoneelse

  • I’M COMING!!!
  • Nope, you’ve left me with meaty blue balls

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Ach soz pervo, got a million things going on that day already

Didn’t want you to touch my meat anyway.


Probably going to the edgelord convention with my mum (wahey).

this is just a single entendre

I’m not too fussed where it is - I don’t really know many pubs in London so just flailed for one I knew :’)

I can potentially come to this!

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LFF & LOW means NO.

I might come to this, unless Hendon win, lose or draw in which case I will defo come to this.

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The Masque Haunt is a Spoons on just the other side of the roundabout, and there’s the William Blake next door if that’s too busy.

Also the Fox on Paul St is fine, and the Princess of Shoreditch just by it too.

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brexit wanker!!


Old Fountain is the nicest pub by Old Street.


I am also going to Low so yes: I am also a no.

My friend recently took over/ is running the three crowns off old st. roundabout if you’re all looking for places near there to drink

14 taps, 5 casks, great chef… dartboard too iirc


Man so long as it’s not too noisy. Last meat I pretty much lost my voice after from spending all night yelling in the Craft Beer place, so I was thinking of places that wouldn’t offend my aging eardrums/voicebox too much.

Maybs the Fox on Kingsland Road if that’s not too far out

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Recipe for trouble, definitely worth a shout

Maybe we should put a list of places together and then get Discobot to decide for us?

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I love darts!! (I’m shit at it but it’s fun :smiley: )

Yeah - anywhere where background noise is a minimum wins for me.

I’m middle aged, I can’t deal with totally missing what someone says to me and then yelling something wholly inappropriat in reply.

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that’s half the fun!!