A Big Girthy Piece of London Meat (14th Oct)

I’m more than content to go with only the other half of the fun!

Hello. I can maybe help with the first part of your plan. I unfortunately definitely can’t make the second bit.

my work used to do loads of our work events there, it’s such a cityboy hangout.

honestly don’t want to set a precedent for North London meats now I’m back in the internet-loser fold.

Next one should be in SE. bit like the ashes (?).

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Here’s a list of places:

  • Craft Beer place, Old St
  • Craft Beer place, Islington
  • The Fox, Paul St
  • The Fox, Kingsland Rd
  • Old Fountain, Old St
  • Three Crowns, Old St
  • Masque Haunt Spoons, Old St
  • Other non-awful place, please specify

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If we don’t have a clear answer by the end of the day, we’ll get Discobot to roll for it and we can spend all night complaining to Sean if it’s shit!

What time are people thinking btw?


Me and @he_2 will probably be there around 6, half 6ish after the match? Cheers for bumping btw, I meant to but then I got distracted by preening.

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Competing all weekend otherwise I’d be there fo’ sure.

GL ww :crescent_moon: ::wolf: :one:


Would prefer somewhere without too much banging tunez if possible, but that’s just age speaking.

Hey Pervo - Sorry to say I won’t be joining you and @he_2 at SJP tomorrow I’m afraid. A multitude of reasons, but the main one being that Mrs Z has booked tickets to an event at Foyles during the afternoon.

Do enjoy the hospitality, but don’t enjoy the game too much :wink:

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these were supposed to go in the Friday Bangerz thread fucks sake.


With all the stuff happening we forgot to pick a place! The three that people chose are all close to each other though…

  1. Masque Haunt
  2. Old Fountain
  3. Three Crowns

@discobot roll 1d3

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:game_die: 3


Three Crowns at 6pm! Later chums :+1:

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Probably won’t be a long meat as I am hanging from yesterday.

I’m outside enjoying an al fresco pint if anyone’s in the area

Just remembered I was tagged in this! Thanks, I can’t do today but well keen to make the next one