A big, meandering Parquet Courts thread

Figured I’d start this given we suddenly have two of them, and I know some people have been discussing the first one at least in other threads.

Had no idea the second one was a thing.

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I got the A. Savage record this weekend. Well worth a dabble. I particularly enjoyed this one:


Good album the A.Savage one.


Same, sounds very interesting though.

Yeah, that one’s a standout. It reminds me of a song that I can’t quite put my finger on - maybe “Some Things Last a Long Time” by Built to Spill or even “Window Paine” by The Smashing Pumpkins a bit I’d love to hear a version of this with tons of distortion.

“Ladies from Houston” is another standout.

I haven’t gotten a chance to dive into the lyrics yet but I’m assuming I’ll like the album even more then. He’s really one of the best lyricists out there.

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Milano is easily my favourite project that Karen O has been involved in for yearssss!!

Counting down to an album announcement:


New single:


oh good I can start talking about this album IT’S SO GOOD GUYS WE ARE REALLY LUCKY TO HAVE THIS BAND WE DON’T DESERVE THEM


like ffs it’s produced by Dangermouse :smiley:

Can’t really tell what Danger Mouse has added to this, sounds just like Human Performance production to me?

yeah no idea, there’s a couple songs with extra synths and flourishes like that but overall no idea, probably just for that sweet, sweet P.R

Fantastic news!

These guys always have such great artwork. Think the Monastic Living E.P. is my fave:



what a band. Closest thing we’ve got to Pavement


New single is fantastic!

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Whilst this band are my ATDs, the fact that we’re using the 2017 Side Project Thread to discuss their new material in 2018 is not on, alright, it’s just not on.


there’s a song on new album that sounds very like Range Life actually ha

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yeah new thread or change title please @moderators

I think maosm can rename the thread otherwise just let me know what you want it to be called :+1:.