A big, meandering Parquet Courts thread

Jeez, that’s a TREMENDOUS new song!!!
Just an amazing, amazing band!!!

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Hi boss,

Posts one through six keep to the spirit of the original thread (which is a worthy thread in its own right). It was post 7 where the world’s started to collide and we ended up in Parquet Courts day-job-land. I fear a simple thread rename won’t be enough and we may have to call a board meeting to decide on an appropriate action. I’ll start working on the PowerPoint.

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Split the thread then, @1101010 loves a bit of that

Actually having another listen and there are a couple tracks that are more obviously dangermouse, but most of it is like the above

How did you manage to get a copy Sev?
When’s the official release?

Reviewed it for a quarterly magazine, it’s out in May I think

I don’t have that power, only the chosen ones can do that


It’s out 18th May


That’s the one aye!!! How’d you know?


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Always nice to meet a fan

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I’m relatively new round here, what is ATD?

All Time Dog


I love that that page even exists, thank you

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You have a lot to learn, young one

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Wonderful, wonderful stuff this, thanks @ma0sm! All is revealed. Totally ruined my working morning. This stuff is like heroin …

Really shouldn’t be buried in a Parquet Courts Side Project Thread (we’re a little off topic now). RTF!

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I’m starting to think that they’re like Pavement… but better! (and I really like Pavement)

The Milano and Frozen Dawn albums were both brilliant. Can’t believe there’s another on the way!


My policy of not listening to the singles before album release is really being tested here. I’m not sure why (actually I do come to think of it, it’s his description) but I have a feeling this album is going to be amazing and their best. I love their more aggressive stuff - the song “Sunbathing Animal” is still my favorite thing they’ve ever done.

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Yeah, I’m similar. I usually only listen to the first single a couple of times then sit tight and wait for the album.
Back in the 80’s things were so much better. Radio 1 would start playing the lead single about 3 weeks ahead of its release, the single would be released then the album would come out a week later.