A blog about how to avoid scratched vinyl records

I don’t know how often this actually comes up for you guys or how well known this is as a technique, but here you go.

A: don’t buy 'em


sorry theo. I feel mean.

This might actually be THE YEAR I buy a record player.

Don’t wanna spend loads.

Pro-Ject Essential 2, yeah?

Any amp recommendations?

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None from me mate. I only ever bought the one record player, that Bush MTT01 or whatever for 50 quid with built-in pre-amp. Seems fine.

This thread was more of a PSA for all the boarders who are stuck in the past. :wink:

I bought a project essential a couple of years back now and it’s been great, got a Marantz amp (not sure exactly which one without being in the house) but there’s some similar models in Richer Sounds going for £150, you’d just need to check that you wouldn’t have to fork out for a pre-amp as well (the Marantz have one built in).

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This looks pretty useful - I’ve had a few duff ones from Ebay before so might have to start checking them like this.

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I use this pre-amp along side my Pro-Ject Genie 1.3 turn table.

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I’ve got a marantz with a build in pre amp too, got it on offer in richer sounds

got a riga turntable which is also great

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use discogs. the grading system and feedback seems to work. Don’t think I’ve ever received a record that isn’t as described. Obviously it’s not a perfect system but much better than ebay.


dont buy a vynilz player people, waste of time and money

Rega Planar 1

I recently got one for the kitchen and it’s excellent

I do use discogs as well but when you see something on Ebay for a couple of quid I can’t resist a punt on it.

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if i buy a grubby second hand record I just use a vinyl cleaning spray or the cleaning machine Gorkys sold me and they’re lovely after

ha forgot about that.
Hope its serving you well.

sorry you wasted your money on LPs though (safety wink)

Only used it a couple of times to clean a fat batch of records and it’s mint. Grateful for it.

Project debut carbon is pretty great.

Buy from discogs from sellers with good ratings who grade them honestly. If you get a duff record, get a refund.


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