A 💙 like is for:

  • Making me laugh
  • Making me smile
  • Saying thank you
  • Letting the other person knowing you’re ‘done’ with the conversation
  • Conferring a user’s e-rank
  • Rarely used so adds weight
  • To be ignored
  • Other (please specify)

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it’s a few of those but it’s also a ^This


My Other was not so much letting them know you’re done with the conversation but maybe acknowledging a response that doesn’t need a reply itself.


yeah, like a knowing look that you’re in agreement and the topic is covered


Obviously they mean fuck all most of the time, but i’d say they’re best used sparingly when you strongly agree with something, want to offer support to someone or find something very funny. Get the impression lots of people use them to show they’ve read a post, but each to their own. About one per day seems right to me.


I use them to spread the love. And I have a lot of love to give.



acknowledging a post directed at you without really knowing what to say in reply


Yep, agreed.


anyone have a diser whos likes they crave?


Fat fingers


I dont really crave it but it’s nice when people you think are one of the cool ones like your posts


Strongly disagree.


I feel nice every time I see that little blue notification so why shouldn’t I give other people as much joy as possible?




I reckon a statistical analysis would show that at least 90% of my total likes have been given in the dog thread.


And that’s where I mainly receive them…

Let me share the pizza.


cant name them or ill jinx it




I am trying to :blue_heart: less often and in a more meaningful way. quite often in my case they mean that I am anxious to be agreeable or not seem like I’m not paying attention.

essentially, it is symptomatic of the way social media plays to the most troubled and neurotic parts of my fragile mind.

was there an option for that? or does it just come under “to be ignored”?


FWIW this is actually what the forum code writers envisaged it for, which is why the default minimum character setting for a reply is actually quite high (30? something like that).

I just use mine now on everyone but marckee.