A boring PDF question

Hello, friends. Need to change some text on a PDF file that doesn’t seem to be editable, how do I do this?

No you’re the PDF file!

Probably this:


You generally need acrobat pro to edit text. If you want me to do it I can.

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Yeah Acrobat Pro.

Just sorted it, cheers though pal. Much appreciated.

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Tippex Pro.

I like to think of myself as more of a talented amateur.

hope this thread turns up on lots of google searches and it’s just you going “never mind, fixed it”


Yeah you need to do all the courses really.

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You’re welcome

Did you know that PDF stands for Paper Display Foryoureyes (no matter what google tells you).


Is anyone able to edit a date for me? I need something desperately edited by the end of the week (it’s brexit related ffs) but my landlord is being a bellsniff and taking forever.

I will be forever in your debt

dm me