A boring PDF question


Hello, friends. Need to change some text on a PDF file that doesn’t seem to be editable, how do I do this?

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No you’re the PDF file!


Probably this:



You generally need acrobat pro to edit text. If you want me to do it I can.




Yeah Acrobat Pro.


Just sorted it, cheers though pal. Much appreciated.


Tippex Pro.


I like to think of myself as more of a talented amateur.


I use the snipping tool to paste a picture of the PDF into word then write whatever I want to add into the PDF in publisher then use the snipping tool again to “snip” this and paste it over the bits I don’t want. Then I save the word document as a PDF. Easy peasy.

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hope this thread turns up on lots of google searches and it’s just you going “never mind, fixed it”


Yeah you need to do all the courses really.


You’re welcome


Did you know that PDF stands for Paper Display Foryoureyes (no matter what google tells you).