A boring thread about parking permits

Hello friends. This is a boring thread about parking permits.

We’ve moved, we need a residential parking permit for my gf’s car, my gf doesn’t own the car she is on a fleet insurance policy for a number of cars, when councils need proof of vehicle ownership for parking permits does the owner have to be the person applying for the permit?

It depends on the council, but most of them require a specific vehicle registration number to be allocated to the permit.

Proof of use (eg a note from the employer) is usually enough in lieu of a formal ownership certificate.

Cheers friend.

So a vehicle registration document from the actual owner (her Uncle’s garage) and a note as proof of use would ordinarily be enough yeah?

I’m questioning why I clicked on this. I think it just goes to show that I really like you, Ant. I don’t own a car, I can’t even drive… I know nothing about parking permits. Yet here I am :heart:

Good luck with everything.


You’re a wonderful person, have a terrific evening x

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Fantastic atmosphere in this thread.


Think it could end up turning into a real party in here!

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Can I have a bit of a moan in here Ant or will that soil the atmosphere somewhat? Happy to leave you whipper-snappers to it, with your music.

Did this getting a company car permit (although different boroughs do it diff. and I think some people are charged a extra fee in some places) and it was:

vehicle registration document (logbook) with the registered owners details, car insurance doc with person applying for permit on as named driver, proof of residency and a letter explaining the situation (e.g. why a permit is required for a car you are not registered as owner)

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Go wild, I’ve said many times that a thread ceases to be the property of it’s author as soon as it’s posted. A thread can veer in any direction once it’s live in the community, it’s one of the beautiful things about this music website.

Strap yourself in man! Just bought 5 day’s worth of visitor parking vouchers for £16.50 from Hackney council. Never gonna use them (for myself).

That’s exceptionally helpful, thanks doubleespresso, I think you deserve a tripleespresso for how helpful you’ve been!

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I’ll be honest Jezza, I thought they’d cost more than that…

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I got 1 (one) pound off for buying them online :sunglasses:

You sure know how to drive a hard bargain! (But presumably not how to drive a car into a parking space for less money)

Agree with what marckee said.

I had a terrible 18 months where I needed a permit but was getting a stream of company cars- sometimes I’d have them for 1 week, sometimes 2 months but had 13 cars in 18 months, so couldnt really be getting proof of ownership and getting a new permit every time my car changed. Had to use visitor permits for the whole period which was a serious pain in the arse.

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Actually, I should have said “You can use one of those visitors permits for the hard bargain you’ve been driving!”

Pretend I said that instead, thanks

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And just like that, I’m back in the party spirit!

(As with anybody who lives in zone 2, I don’t own a car, the voucher’s are purely for the benefit of anybody who comes to visit us overnight).

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The good thing is here that the car itself won’t be changing so hopefully we won’t have to put up with all that, it sounds awful.

It would usually, yes, but the issue is that she doesn’t have a specific vehicle to her name - instead it sounds like she is likely to be driving a number of cars.