A boring thread about water bills, please don't open


Alright, how much does water cost? Just had a bill through for £182 when we’ve been in the flat since August. Is this high? It feels high…


Think ours is £20something per month for our one bed flat


I think ours is about £170 every 6 months.


I’ve got a direct debit for £20 a month


My bill is a fire type bill


Wrong element bud


:frowning: Oh, I’ll take my leave


^This, and we are currently in credit with them.


Water thread!!


£38 a month, unmetered.


Man - I remember getting a meter installed in my old place. Saved something stupid like £40 a month.




Yeah, assumed so.


Why did I click this.

Anyway, dunno, but it’s free* in Scotland, so get that right up ye.

*paid as part of your council tax I think


Thanks all. It’s sorted now. @moderators please shut this down for everybody’s sake.


I’m not sure ant, mate. Sorry


Is it expensive? If I’m saving a load of cash then I’d be tempted to just get one installed myself, can’t see why they’d be bothered.


@moderators keep it open. I need to know the raters disers compensate (new tv show idea)


It’s free.


Oh! Will look into that, then. Thanks.