A brand new Tuesday thread

Already seen this in someone’s insta stories - they must have had it saved and ready to post for days, if not weeks


In other news, happy 35th birthday to the Sugarcubes debut album Life’s Too Good


I slept later than 730! Awooo

Evil Dead later, hopefully get a big sunny walk in before. And washing the sheets, less excitingly


Not too hot and not too cold, you say…?

Not at work until 6.30pm. Don’t know what to do with myself all day


Not too cold? I’m on my way to the office and it’s 2 bloody degrees.


About a week ago I posted this

…after which I listed nine Minidiscs on eBay which sold yesterday evening for a total of about £375

:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Glad to know someone somewhere wants to pay forty quid for ELO’s greatest hits on the deadest of dead formats.

ANYWAY. Today’s plan:

  • Get these Minidiscs boxed up
  • Take them to the Post Office
  • Become lord of all I survey

Off to work to break hearts and build bridges, just like every other day


Off to That London for a standard day out: Oxo Tower, M&Ms World, applying for a Dutch Passport, Spearmint Rhino


Well friends I went suit shopping with an atd for his wedding in Aug, we didn’t find the right one but I’m comfortably the most hungover I’ve ever been on a Tuesday.
Crawled to the kitchen for some paracetamol and saw @HolyCannoli walking his very cute dog.



Nice sunny day here, had a coffee, a smoothie (oats, milk, nana, peanut butter, some frozen peach and apricot and a bit of honey). Now on coffee 2
Playing pool this evening

Who’s taking you up that?

£5 doughnut


I am also in That London! Impromptu DiS meat??

Whereaboots? I’m going to be in Liverpool Street area.

Myself, sadly

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Blimey - Blur have just announced a tiny gig in Eastbourne. I should try and get tickets, eh?


Alright DiS,

In the office today, very sunny out (but cold).

On 2nd coffee of the day. The 1st was a Starbucks on the drive in (i’m staying on brand @profk).

Got loads to catch up on, the shared e-mail inbox doesn’t look like it was very well covered in my absence so it’s a bit of a mess. Will be raising on the team call as it should be being covered when i’m OOO but people seem to think it’s solely my responsibility for some reason :woman_shrugging:

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Gonna chill to 1030 then absolutely smash it with getting stuff done

Just you watch me

house-hunting is done, and the place i got has a dog living there part-time. nice.

work, training my replacements, going to the opticians, making a pact with the lord to end my hayfever, hopefully catching up on Succession tonight


New trainers cut the back of my foot the other day. Forgot to get plasters yesterday (or look for the plasters I bought last time this happened) so I have just bled all over another sock today.

In my usual office for the first time since June last year. North Greenwich is still a hole, but at least I didn’t get myself killed by a bus or truck on my ride in, so there’s that. Off to Southwark at lunchtime via a nice scenic ride through Deptford and Surrey Quays, taking in all the sights, before the uphill ride home.

So fucking bored. I can’t even remember how to look busy.