A brick fell out of my wall

Is the house going to fall down or can I do without a brick or two?


it’s on the outside I think it must have had some weathering or something and part of it has crumbled away. It’s right at the bottom though so should be alright?

I take it it is just a part of a brick, like a bit of shedding or something?

yeah I did that about 9 months ago and it sort of just stayed there but today it’s broken in two and I can’t push the brick back in now. I wonder if it’s a simple fix, like can I buy a can of brick spray from wickes or something?

all houses are constructed using a Jenga based technique

if it was a load bearing brick the house would have fallen down by now so I think you are going to be ok


thanks man that’s exactly the response I was hoping to hear :slight_smile:

Gonna just leave it until my neighbours complain to me about my home looking shit

well, all in all…


They should do ‘no more cement’.


geez this sounds very hard I’ll ask my brother

just another brick not in the wall any more.

think I’d fuck it up and the neighbours would laugh at me, get very anxious about DIY stuff

thank you for your help though, sorry

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We had a brick fall off the top of our little wall that separates our front garden with our neighbours. It happened just before we had a porch built so I asked Kacper if he could just cement that in and he did. Do you need a porch?

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Alright Mikhail Gorbachev

is Kacper pronouned like Casper?

that’s a good name

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All in all it’s just another brick out the wall


no thank you but kind of you to offer

Serious answer: the only proper solution is to replace the whole brick. It probably came off because the wall is wet, so you ought to check your gutters are working properly and check around for damp.

dunno how it would be damp at the very bottom of the wall if it came from the gutter?