A brick fell out of my wall

a) water flows down walls
b) there is both the possibility of the wall getting damp from a leaking gutter and also the possibility of it getting damp from the ground up through a failed damp proof course.

You’ve going to ignore it and hope it goes away anyway though so no biggie.

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alright no need to be sarcastic with me

You’re mistaking ennui for sarcasm

main thing is that it’s not going to kill me right?

Not… right away :wink:

:frowning: I think this will be my latest anxiety obsession

I’ve got damp all down my north-facing wall. When I pulled all the shit out from up against the wall in the living room to put the Christmas tree in, the skirting boards were covered in brown gunge.

It’ll keep.

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thanks, I hope you can get yours sorted and it’s not too costly :slight_smile: