A butty



Garlic butty? GARLIC BUTTY?!?


Hungry now.

“butt” is used as a term of endearment in Wales. As in “how you doin’ old butt?”

I think you can call almost any sandwich a butty. Assuming you’re under 5 years old that is.

Maybe not a Subway type sandwich though, that’d be weird.

A submarine is definitely a type of sandwich

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Is for me too, “How you doing, i’ll eat your butt”

I will inform my 70 year old dad.

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Is there still a part of you that wants to live


Was gutted when ‘Getting a Butty’ changed their name to Cygnet Cafe recently. Bad move.

(edit: wrong life stage)

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awww on swan street

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Could eat a chip butty right now.

Don’t really get how a butty can be just another term for a sandwich. You wouldn’t say you’re having a butty, and then eat a tuna and sweetcorn? Or an egg mayo?

A butty is a specialist sandwich, served hot, including butter as a primary ingredient. No veg allowed. Ideally in a bap but if made at home with what you’ve got available, white sliced will do (preferably thick). No theatrics - the fewer ingredients and the more basic the butty, the better it is.

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veg free chip butty

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As someone from the deep south, I would only ever use ‘butty’ to describe a chips or bacon sandwich of any type, but always thought that in other, more northerly places, it was a cover-all term for any sandwich.


Correct, could you imagine me a professional northerner saying sandwich. Could you eckers like


Exactly. Would be a good name for a whippet mind you.

For me its a 90s sandwich shop butty which is anything on a massive barm (or even a soft long roll whatever they’re called) and a classic would be ham and some onion no one asked for and salad cream. Any of that realm of big old flat barms you also get wrapped in cling film

There’s a cornershop on deansgate that are very much a butty shop though salad cream and extreanous onion seem a thing of the past in cities.

But I’d also accept a white bread ham or egg sandwich as long as it was obviously done by your dad in a rush and he squashed it right down with his hands for some reason when cutting it and you can see his finger dents in the bread.

(And if it was hot it would no longer be a butty for me, that’s something fancy i wouldn’t have a term for)



(bʌti IPA Pronunciation Guide)

Word forms: plural butties


A butty is a sandwich.

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I only know butties from Earthworm Jim 2, never had one IRL