A Call for Songs

Hi guys!

I would like to refresh my tracklist with new songs, and this site was highly recommended for searchers like me.
I’m gonna write down the songs I like:

Disturbed: Lot of tracks (Especially Hatred) - Lordi: (Lot of tracks) - Dragonforce (Lot of tracks)
Daft Punk: Stronger (2017) - Five Finger Death Punch: Lift Me Up and Watch You Bleed - Kamelot: Forever and Karma - Powerwulf: (Lot of tracks) - Megadeth: Angry Again - Papa Roach: Warriors, One track Mind - Skillet: Lot of tracks - Three Days Grace: Painkiller - Shnedown: Enemies and My Name - Bullets: Creed - Linkin Park (Lot of old tracks)

Can you write me some song names like these? Thanks!


Firedeath: Killkiller
Murders: Bleed Time Dead Guy