A Carefully Planned Farewell


so I’m sure lots of you know about Carefully Planned and the ace festivals they have put on in Manchester in recent years? always the best atmosphere with loads of great independent, genuinely underground bands, given a collective platform to make new fans and friends.

sadly, this is all coming to an end. there are lots of reasons, but mostly it’s financial. I’m sure most of you will be aware of how hard it is to put on gigs without falling into debt, actually being able to make enough to pay bands, etc.

however, it’s not going out without one last one-dayer, once again in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Saturday 21st October. I’ll just c+p Matthew’s post at this point:

"Right; here we go. Some ‘news’.

I must admit, it felt almost inevitable that this was about to be an announcement of cancellation. I have been having a bit of a ridiculous time lately, and I started to believe there was no way I was going to be able to pull this off. However, as they say all too often in show-business, THE SHOW MUST GO ON.

Full line-up, venue splits and set times will be revealed on Monday, and tickets will go on-sale at a tenner each. They will be limited, and it’ll cost like £15 [or something like that] on the door. So don’t delay. Set yourself some kind of alarm or reminder.

Do me favour would you? Do a little something to help spread the word… Share a link. Invite people to the event page. Write a piece on yr blog. Comment on the event page discussion. Whatever. It doesn’t matter if you don’t, but it does matter if you do. It’s going to be a really good do. Get all your friends a long. They will thank you for it.

I hope you’re all well, and happy.

Love from Matthew x"

I’ll update when Matthew updates on Monday, but I thought I’d do my bit to get the word out. it’d be great if this last one could be a really big success. so… yeah. heads up.


please don’t move this post, @colon_closed_bracket ! :slight_smile: this is an actual thing that actual DiSers will care about.


Ah this is sad news, especially to think there’s been financial trouble recently.

Went to possibly the very first one back in 2011/12, and played a last-minute set at another a few years later - both very enjoyable, met lots of lovely people, had a good time. Sadly can’t make the last one but hope it goes out with a bang.


Played at Carefully Planned a couple of years ago (or last year?). It really lived up to the name and had a really great vibe. Real shame that it is coming to an end!


Ah no, I wouldn’t move it… My main beef is with new posters JAGging. This stays where it is :slight_smile:


Ill try get to this


Been every year since…not sure when, 2013 maybe? Planning to go again this year, it’s always an absolutely top weekend. Gutted to see it go, always wondered how Matt was paying for it all but it’s testament to all the good people involved that it’s gone on for as long as it has.


lovely ^ _ ^ just making sure!


yeah. it feels like it covers the kind of undercurrent of bands better than any other festival in town. I mean, I would say that, but I’m not alone in thinking it. it actually feels part of the fabric, rather than some disconnected industry thing.


he’s not putting any gigs on anymore after this. feels sad - personally, I’ve only moved in a bit from the fringes in recent years, and I feel more up for being involved and about than ever, but there seems to be a readiness to pass the torch by people who’ve been involved, and it depends who keeps at it, really.

not sure how everyone who’s been involved feels in that regard, but I figure it takes its toll. harder than ever to get by doing these things, seems like something you have to have the energy of raw youth to really keep going with.




A real shame. I ended up in Manchester while it was going on the year before last, without knowing about it, and was determined to make it to one, as there’s not much chance of anything similar manifesting itself in Edinburgh and, as far as I know, Glasgow doesn’t run anything along these lines. Hopefully someone else will take the reins and keep it going in some form.


come to this one, Ruffers




Sad news, these have always sounded like really good fun. Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make this one either.


hey everybody.

Gullivers NQ (upstairs)
Sly & The Family Drone
Kiran Leonard
Hazel Iris
Bearfoot Beware
The Jungfraus
South Island Son
Famous Hell
mi mye
USA Nails

Gullivers NQ (downstairs)
Caitlin Gilligan
Captives On The Carousel
Piles Of Clothes
Chrissy Barnacle
The Last Dinosaur

The Castle Hotel
Winter Sports
King Hannah
Hora Douse
Hot Shorts
Paloma Café
Ten Sticks
Living Body

Mayshe Mayshe
Cynthia’s Periscope
Hunzu Moonshine



USA Nails nice!


mayve been stated elsewhere but whats the difference between cheap/expensive tickets?



“One’s more expensive.”

erm, thanks m8


it’s just some early bird thing?


There was Haddowfest in Edinburgh, but it was basically rubbish.

I really wanted to do something similar when I was there full time, but the logistics of it are really difficult. I think ACPF worked well cos Manchester is so geographically central to the entire UK, whereas Edinburgh (and Glasgow) are not.

(Also live music in Edinburgh is an utter crapshoot and you’re more likely to just lose loads of money)