A chart showing the ages at which you peak at everything



22 and 32 never happened for me, that’s for sure


I actually posted this in Uncategorised. What a silly git.



69 Life satisfaction :stuck_out_tongue:


wow I’m screwed!





I don’t get why Life Satisfaction is there twice (unless there is a joint top peak for that) but 23 is fucking ridiculous.

Can only speak anecdotally but everyone I knew at 23 was a fucking mess, myself included.


51 - Understanding Emotions.

Yeah those Brexit voters understood sure knew how to annoy the rest of us!


Probably because of #18


No peak for male attractiveness to women?


No white history month either!


No one likes you when you’re 23.


I assume this is jokey and not snide?


Oh yeah, I was jokingly comparing your post to the ‘what bout international men’s day’ folk on international women’s day. I don’t think it worked though tbh




Ah okay! I wasn’t feeling like a hard-done-by MRA type; I just couldn’t think of a decent punchline for my comment (“form a queue!” or something). Not a great moment for me.


early draft of What’'s My Age Again wasn’t too bad but still wasn’t finished


Well my best chess playing days might be behind me but at least I have the Nobel Prize to look forward to.


I thought Balonz was referencing a completely different song but I can’t for the life of me recall it.