A chilly Tuesday thread

When I first witnessed this in Canada, at my wife’s home, I couldn’t believe it. Just one morning a massive digger came along and fucking scooped it all up and took it away someplace. Unreal.

Also where she lives there is a Dock on the bay where a huge pile of road salt is kept. It’s there all year slowly topped up. It has to be seen to believe it. So.


View out the window ain’t so bad this morning.

I feel awful. Been awake since 3am as my brain wouldn’t stop whirring and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.


It’s depressing that the Sainsbury’s delivery is genuinely the highlight of my day.

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There are times when it veers too much into being overly heavy on traffic management, but in terms of doing what I always wanted a city builder to do, it’s pretty much there.

There’s also an absolutely huge modding community, which adds vastly to the game. Some of them rework or enhance game mechanics, but there’s also basically any type of building style you could want.

(Main downside though is that it needs a pretty solid PC, especially once you get into mods)

All-day meeting on Teams. Do not want.

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Work, therapy, extremely belated Christmas meal with housemate, trying to get Finally by CeCe Peniston out of my head


My flatmate has been using an electric heater for his bedroom and our smart meter is telling me our bill is going to be though the roof. But… its snowing and I can’t really tell him to not be warm but would having the central heating on be cheaper?

Literally just finished playing on radio 2.

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Anyway, after being woken up at 4 and laying awake for 2hrs m, I decided to make this thread. Baby then thought he’d go back to sleep, so I was able to get another 2hrs.

Off today. It’s cold, but not as cold as yesterday down here. Gonna walk into town for veg and milk and beer, make shakshuka for lunch and ramen for dinner.


Finally snowing in TQ7.


working from home today because of the snow. very much looking forward to walking down to the shops shortly to pick up some provisions. :slight_smile:


While my central heating was broken this winter I used an electric heater to keep me warm. Last month’s electricity bill was almost double of what it normally is.


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Probably, yeah


Lying in bed whilst M watches some rubbish next to me. Some lovely light streaming through the gaps that the cat has poked into the blinds with his head.

Going to have a bagel for breakfast now then school and work and school and work marathon begins.

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We’re being asked to book PDP (assuming these are the same) and the only thing I really have to talk to my manager about is how underappreciated I feel and how I’ve been trying to leave for two years.

You could use that if you want. I don’t think they’ll check for plagiarism.

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fair bit of snow last night and it’s still coming down. guess i’m working from home today!
hahahaHHAHA :sob:


Last nights covid test was cancelled when I got there because of snow. Rebooked for 10-10.30 this morning and not sure whether to go? Can’t find any news or social media that say whether they are open or shut :woman_shrugging:

there’s more snow now than there was the first time you went

this doesn’t answer your question

Snowing a little bit, like a dusting of icing sugar not big flakes

You’d think in 2021 they would have some kind of social media way of communicating this information