A Chinook just landed in the City


Theresa May’s shock troops! Brexit means Brexit! Martial law!


Chinook reck-on


A solid joke.


See em relatively regularly from the office innit, no idea why, I’d hazard it’s something to do with whatever that artillery thing is near Finsbury Sq innit.


They’re always flying over Victoria Park. Don’t get it.


Yes! Was there in summer and three were doing loops, really low. Pretty terrifying.




Look at you city boys getting all excited about a chinook! Move out to the sticks, we’ve got chinooks, badgers and supermarkets the size of which you could not comprehend.


Didn’t realise you were that far out in the sticks, hope you aren’t destroying the native people’s land.



got a couple of apaches on my lawn. no biggie.


Balonz we just got a new Asda in Lewisham, the biggest supermarket I’ve been to in ages. It was very exciting. So many types of cheap, non-branded beer.


Shy FX is currently lounging in my hammock.


Is that proper big or London big?


Is this Asda chat?

I don’t like Asda really but I’m picking up an Asda George kettle from the Pekcham branch tomorrow.


London big, but it is big compared to pretty much every other London supermarket I’ve sampled (aside from Surrey Quays Tesco). Possibly a touch smaller than Wapping Waitrose. And New Cross Sainsbury’s.

Actually, you know what, it’s not that big at all.


*whopping Waitrose


Apparently the etymology of whopping does come from Wapping, referring to the bloated corpses of the criminals who were left to drown at high tide.


I found the new Lewisham Asda to be very good for my needs.


the Lower Sydenham Sainsbos is massive.

Love that Surrey Quays Tescos.