A classical piano masterwork with drums and orchestra?


Now I’m really curious to see what you think of this, any feedback?


Any feedback?

I appreciate the work you’ve put in and the sensitivity to the music, but I love Clare de Lune, and this obviously loses the feel of what makes it beautiful. To my mind it fills in the spaces which create the tension, and creates rhythms where there shouldn’t be rhythms. The fragility of the solo piano adds so much to the emotion of the piece.

Fair enough though, there’s definitely some merit to it. I’m sure I’d feel differently if it wasn’t one of my favourite pieces of music.

I liked it! Always good to see people trying something different with famous pieces, what’s the point of just playing the same thing as everybody else? Must be thousands of recordings of this tune just on a piano.

Youtube is a fucking cesspit though isn’t it, comments like this:

“This is some pretentious garbage right here, the pulling faces, the half-arsed slapping of the cymbals in the beginning, the dodgy midi, all of it. You’re right, Clair de Lune is a masterwork, and it doesn’t deserve to be treated like this”

So smug and disgusting, why would you comment like that on somebody just having some fun and trying something different with a piece of music? The sheer arrogance of stating “this is a masterwork and you are disrespecting it”, everybody has a different opinion on music, carry on doing what you are doing Pietro, you are a talented musician and drummer and always seem to be trying something different :slight_smile:

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Thought you were on a wind up until you got the proper sticks out (1.46) and I actually felt it really worked! It gives it a sense of impetus.

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Once it kicks in it really works actually - because I’m a sick bastard I started thinking about how it would be cool to chuck some distorted 808 sounds in as it builds, but that’s more a reflection of my deficient personality than anything else… too many raves for my own good.

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I totally agree, Youtube and the world in general is full of people who are not open to anything different from what exist already, I mean you can don’t like but what the point to be salty and disrespectful of someone’s work.
Thanks man, I appreciate the support!

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Ok, this is a feedback completely reasonable and respectful, I can understand it, not like some mean people on YouTube said.