A collective community project


Hello, got a project idea for the community.

How about we all make a conscious effort to try and reintroduce a dated linguistic reference to something back into wide circulation.

Like (we’ll all agree on what it is actually in this thread but something like) if we all start saying “Simples” from those Meerkat adverts or “Why so serious?” from Batman or something like that. A phrase or term that is recent enough for people to go “bit weird that “why so serious” is making a comeback” but not so recent that it still might be used in some places.

Anyone got any thoughts about any of this?




Hey Tone whaassssssuuupppppp?


I would do this for “Ha ha ha ha BOOM BOOM!”


Hearing the word “simples” makes me feel :rage:


Why so serious?


not for me mate but good luck on your endeavour


Too dated


That’s a shame


My old English teacher once said about something that hadn’t happened yet, “It hasn’t quite come off the carousel yet”, and when we pointed out it was an odd turn of phrase, he said it was something he’d made up following an incident at an airport. Me and a classmate have used the phrase ever since, but it has yet to catch on in the wider populace.


guess it’s fair to say that phrase hasn’t quite come off the carousel yet


This idea is so adrenalin


Beautifully done japes, I really think we could make a good go of this.


Think this is a bit of a Moby Dick move tbh


Weird that that thread about “everyone is going on about Moby Dick” got over 100 replies innit, was a really poor thread concept and it wasn’t executed well either




This really butters my toast ant


Bit of a sore subject at the minute I’m afraid


oh man that really burns my toast i’m sorry


Proper bo idea.