A collective community project

those meerkat adverts are definitely kinda racist right?



what about like when you say something is good but you replace good with a different word.

like mint

Yes. The project is to see whether we can get it circulating widely

I think people still say “that’s mint”


how about pukka?

There’s a lot of mileage when you hitch your wagon to a meme I guess

Aye, particularly in the north-west

how about describing something as “off the chain”

And what is the agreed response to being challenged?

Something like, “Oh yeah, is all over the place again. Haven’t you heard any hipsters saying it recently?” ?

The agreed response to being challenged is to get really aggressive about it.

“What the fuck has it got to do with you mate? I’ll say whatever the fuck I want”

Stuff like that

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Still too soon…


I use ‘go ape and the zoo’ to describe an impossibly busy day after overhearing an exasperated parent try to explain to their child why they couldn’t go to Go Ape and the zoo in one afternoon. Reckon it’ll catch on.


There was a good bit about ten years ago when we were saying bye to Neil and we were doing that “when will we see you next” type of thing you do when saying bye sometimes and went “Oh yeah, we’ll see you at Go Ape in a few weeks” and Neil went “Yeah, cool, we’ll go ape” like it was a verb that we were proposing as opposed to the name of an activity.

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Most excellent!


All yours tone

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Epimer pulled me up, but I gave him both (agreed form) barrels.

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