A conspiracy

You know how you order a coke at a bar and or restaurant and they say “is Pepsi ok?”. Sometimes I ask for a Pepsi instead. The last twelve times (or so) they’ve said they have the opposite of what I’ve asked for.

My conspiracy theory - every bar and or restaurant has both Coke and Pepsi and just says it to fuck with you.


fentimans alright, boss?


‘It’s very similar. Some people prefer it, definitely worth trying’.

Big fan of the cherry coke

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I wonder what happens if you ask for a cola.

I ordered a coke with my indian

@aboynamedgoo can confirm at least one of these instances

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a pub i go to doesn’t have coke zero but i always ask for a coke zero anyways and always get told they don’t have it

my reasoning is if loads of people keep asking for it they might get some one day but leafy gets annoyed at me asking all the time when i know they don’t have it which is partly also why i keep doing it


When I say that, he can only confirm one

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I have been witness to this heinous crime.


Used to be a club in east London that made their own cola. Was quite an interesting drink but absolutely unrecognisable from your cokes, your Pepsis. Kind of scandalous that’s what they gave you when you asked for a coke.

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