A cool question

If you had taken a looooooonnng time to send an invoice to someone / a company, and they had been hassling you for it, and then finally you did send it, and they were like ‘yeah thanks so much, will get this processed!!! :grinning:
And then they haven’t processed it, and it’s creeping up to the end of your agreed payment terms from when the invoice was sent out, when would you get in touch with them to hassle them you the money owed, given that you were hypothetically very slack in getting them the invoice in the first place?

Has it been less than a month? If so, it’ll be a month.

I’d have my secretary deal with this, sounds like a load of hassle

Then I’d go out and buy a really big telly


It has been 28 days
My terms are payment in 30 days

Depends when their next payrun is though doesn’t it, unless they’re just paypaling you

Well that’s the thing… I’m already spent all the money on a sweet curved 4d smell-o-vision unit!


I’d get tooled up and head down to their HO.

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  • be Epimer’s secretary for a year
  • shovel nuclear waste for a year

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think it’d be quite a good job tbh.

I would be trying to slip him as much lactose as humanely possible.

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If they were hassling you for the invoice, sounds like they were ready to pay. Would chase.

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Really you should sort your life out, get your invoices in on time and not bother us with such trivialities. You know how busy we all are!

if you have to clean his bog you’re basically shovelling nuclear waste for a year regardless


If they employ lots of contractors, it’s nearly always the last day of the month (in my experience anyway).

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I’ll sort your life out if you’re not careful

Song him.

This is actually helpful! :grinning:
Thank you!



Will do! (Not sure what ‘song him’ means)

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