A cool question

I’m…not sure that’s part of a secretary’s job spec.


always find the usage of ‘my’ a bit weird when referring to colleagues tbh. ‘my assistant’ etc.

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had someone do this to me years ago and was just really cringeworthy.

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I’d just like to clarify at this point that I do not have a secretary, personal assistant or executive assistant, nor do I consider any of the administrative staff to be “my” anything other than valued colleague.

Which is why I’m accepting a CV and cover letter for the position at


book him really shit travel options and hotels. like a 15 hour flight with 4 connections to get to holland or something.


say you’re not posting on dis but continue to just post here anyway.

remember one of my bosses used to get an editorial assistant (not a PA or secretary at all) to fetch his printing for him.

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would you consider yourself good at standing up for yourself at work?

  • Nope
  • Kind of but i’d like to stand up for myself more
  • Yes

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All the doors are glass

I get my own coffee as an excuse to get up from my desk

This is fine

Also fine.

So, on balance, in the immortal words of Sir Alan “Sir Alan” Sugar: look at the size of my massive fucking telly

Last time I let someone book a hotel for me it ended up being in Munich’s red light district. Do it myself now.


Would be an improvement on Doctor Cunt to be fair


Stay out of Munich’s red light district!

I do, now

might send an email reporting you for malpractice or something.

dunno if that does anything

Sending emails? In general, no.

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If it’s a proper company I’d email them on the day the invoice becomes due, then bother them every couple of days it’s not paid. I’ve never needed to send out more than two reminders cos they give in quick to shut me up. (Bit different if it’s another freelancer with cashflow issues though)

You gotta eat!

+1 for getting @Epimer’s secretary to deal with it.

Yeah this is what I’d normally do, I just feel like a bit of a dork with this as I was so slack with them in invoicing!
Also I kind of know the person I’m dealing with outside of work stuff, not well really just enough to make it a bit awkward!