A couple of things that don't warrant their own threads


#Number One

I think that those unauthorised versions of the Disneyland Mickey Mouse etc costumes are really funny and I’m surprised that there doesn’t seem to be a reliable collection of images of them.

#Number Two

Reckon any time you see a hazelnut chocolate spread it is ALWAYS Nutella? Like in restaurants or posh doughnuts or whatever or is there actually a cheap alternative you can get?



most supermarkets seem to do an own brand version but i can’t vouch for what restaurants etc. use. what restaurants are you going to that serve nutella?


Dunno mate, but you’ll occasionally see like “Hazelnut Chocolate Flan” or something on a menu (probably not that exactly though) and you’re like “Bet they’ve just whacked Nutella on something”


“Pancakes with Asda Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - £4.50”

Think you’ve done yourself here Ant.


Is it HAZELNUT chocolate spread though?


You what mate?


Please don’t pretend you don’t know the difference between normal chocolate spread and hazelnut chocolate spread, it’s not becoming of you.


When I was in Brighton last there was a bloke by the Pier dancing in a very, very ropey Pikachu costume. Would have been flat out hilarious if he didn’t also have a sign saying he was busking because a) he was getting married and b) his wife had cancer (felt like a lot of backstory tbh, but who am I to judge).


Yeah, that’s the sort of shit I’m after. A collection of images of that sort of shit please.



YES! Thanks @thedistrict



:smiley: ELMO!


Too weird, next