A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



Yeah, that makes sense. I guess it's quite a low level so it'd be one of his team mates umpiring.


Getting ideas for the new season jake-o?


He could do with standing much more to the off-side, that's for sure.


Zafar Ansari has retired at the age of 25.


Aye. "Dyer the Liar".
Waugh brothers (sleazy pricks with no lips)
"Bogan made good" Shane Warne.

Quite liked Mike Whitney and Paul Reffiel though


I remember Mike Whitney turning up in Neighbours many many years ago.


Do you think his international experience led him to believe he'd never make it to the top of the game and decided now was the time to quit? He's a very bright and well connected chap so there are obviously a lot of opportunities for him outside of cricket.


Yeah, I wonder.

The timing seems a little strange, so close to the start of the county season - unless he was waiting for the Champions Trophy squad announcement, but I don't recall him really being that close to the ODI squad, was he?

He certainly didn't pull up any trees on the sub-continent over the winter and if he has other / better opportunities outside the game, then good luck to him.


I don't think it will be to do with not being able to make it at the top of the game, he's only 25 and was getting better. No reason to think he'd peaked, spinners especially seem to get better with age. Unless the injury is a career changer, could be.

My guess is that he's got an offer from somewhere that's just too good to turn down, and it's now or never. Double first from Cambridge, plus a Master's, he'll be raking it in whatever it is he does. Nice position to be in all told, choosing between those two options. When I was 25 I was choosing between accounting and a different kind of accounting.


odd though too in a way - as you say, qualified up to the eyeballs, you'd imagine he'd get a pretty great job whenever he decided to call it a day, so why not go down the cricket road for 2-3 more years, see if you can get some more test touring experience? Any number of reasons I suppose (this particular offer might be perfect, might have been told behind closed doors that he's just not dynamic enough for England, might have had a test of touring and decided he hates it, etc), but does seem odd to have come so far, be on the brink of the top level, and then give it all up.

Good luck to him anyway.


In other news, my teams's cricket season starts this evening, and it was snowing (at most) a mile from the pitch an hour ago. Joy.


my mate's sides first game is some night this week, apparently the opposition has steven croft from lancs as pro and he's gonna be playing. they're all cacking themselves that he'll bowl seam up and rough them up. he has been known to crank it up into the low 80s.


Love a good story like this. It was just a normal Sunday league game against Waltham St Meadow, but it turned out that ALLAN DONALD was mates with their captain and agreed to play. He took 7 for 1, and 3 retired hurt, then opened and scored an unbeaten 50 even though they only needed 12.

Please keep us informed.


Donald vs Atherton - my favourite ever spell of Test Match Cricket.


Lovely stuff. 4 minutes in for athers, but the actual highlight is Donald's primal bellow at 7.30 when Boucher drops an absolute sitter from Hussain. Think I'd have dropped the gloves and run off to hide in the toilets.


Was reminiscing about this spell the other day to one of my mates. Absolutely magical. I read Donald's auto-biography a while back, and he talks about that spell, how enjoyable it was, although obviously frustrating. Doubly so as he thought he'd got Athers caught behind of his glove - umpire didn't give it. Athers then signed and presented the glove to Donald after the game, no doubt with a massive shit eating grin.


got mixed up, apparently it's the sunday after next - hindley st peters vs lytham. i'm genuinely excited for it, gonna go down if it doesn't clash with footy.


County cricket update: proving that the old rules of cricket no longer apply this week is... Roloef van der Merwe. 22 for 5? Just leaves more overs for Roloef to bat, you fools.


JFC! I'd stopped listening to that on the basis that it was a done deal at 5 down.


Same. Made Stephen Davies my fantasy captain this morning, after he got a duck and they were 5 down in 5 overs I decided to stick something less foregone on.