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Strong sales for the Day-Night test at Edgbaston, great stuff. Find the comments about the weather a little odd - it's not like you can't do Day-Night ODIs in England, or night time T20. Test cricket isn't in particular peril over here, but the news that 40% of ticket buyers were new to watching live test cricket is very welcome nonetheless. Here's to hoping they get some good cricket.


Good to see Wood back in an England strip today.


think this is five new kits in five years, plus now they've got a different strip for t20Is. taking the piss a bit, that. nice colour though.


Would feel a bit short changed if I'd been in Bristol today. Hope things are a little more competitive at Lord's.


The peculiar malaise of the Wicketkeeping Davies Opener.

It's one-day season for the counties, and both Lancashire and Somerset have gone for the WDO, with Somerset opting for Steven and Lancashire for Alex. Steven has responded with scores of 0, 0, 0 and 4. Alex started better but soon fell victim, getting scores of 41, 43, 0, 11, 0. Somerset had not unreasonably had enough of Steven by this morning and have opted for the surprise WDO, Ryan. Second ball duck, obviously.

I don't know how many times it's been said, but STOP OPENING THE ONE-DAY BATTING WITH WICKETKEEPING DAVIES', it simply doesn't work.


I am going to The Ashes in Oz

2 days in Melbourne and 1 day in Sydney, exciting :slight_smile:


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Went to Middlesex v Glamorgan today. Three men got to 50 and then got out (Malam, Franklin, Ingham), Middx's 243 looked a bit light, but an inspired couple of overs from Steven Finn turned the game in Middx's favour. Colin Ingram caused havoc with his part-time leg breaks too.

R.C. Russell was there too, signing copies of a book of his own art, of the various grounds used by the 18 counties. Was good enough to sign a copy for my dad and talk for a good few minutes about cricket, goalkeeping and stuff. So down to earth and charming, lovely guy.


Hopefully putting it hidden will stop it auto playing?
7 balls to go in the test. Last pair batting. guy with 101 at the other end, just see off the last ball of this over, then he can bat out 6 balls.



Whisky festival at the Oval yesterday. Got so wrecked I ended up in the ball pit. Also Sanga scored a ton. Good times all round.

How's the fantasy team going @The_Excession?


Gone a bit wrong recently. Set my team up to be in prime position when the one-dayers came around, then my players can't seem to score a run. The aforementioned Wicketkeeping Davies Opener fiasco hurt me bad, had a WDO as captain in four consecutive games, four consecutive ducks for a solid -80 points. Plus Liam Livingstone is not doing the job as advertised.

Still hovering just inside the top 1000 though, so all to play for yet.



wonderful batting, protecting the other guy's average.


Improved, but still only scraping into the top 2000. Ingram's been doing sterling service for me though, as was Clark till he got injured. Hoping it's not serious.

I'm going to have to watch my transfers because the block structure of the season and the increased number of transfers is really encouraging me to tinker, and sometimes I do more harm than good.


oh.... oh no



My eyes!


Yeah, i saw that and wondered what the hell was going on. Trying to counter the swing? When I've seen Bailey bat for Aus he certainly didn't do that.


Apparently it's to open up the off side and he's averaged 60odd in shield with this technique.

But yknow... England... seam movement...


Well, I'll be damned. Whatever works for him I suppose.


Is it too early to talk about the Champions Trophy yet?

Anyone excited for it? All killer, no filler. Very tasty group featuring the highly-rated hosts, the world cup champions and the moral world cup champions (we're the best team thanks to HANDSOME Kane, BRAVE Brendan and LACONIC Grant, which is the real quiz). Predictions for Group A?

  • Proud Brave (Most of an Island Except Scotland) Island Nation
  • Proud Brave (Biggest Island, Smallest Continent) Island Nation
  • Proud Brave (Actually, We've Got a Whole Continent, It's Just Underwater) Island Nation



The South Africa tour begins in earnest today. I didn't realise they are world number ones, although any team with Rabada and De Kock in probably should be, really.