A cricket thread for NeWDiS 🦗



happen a larger die with a few more ones and dots on it a few more Ws on the bowler’s dice too.



How many runs will SA score, in 10-over blocks? @discobot roll 5d120


:game_die: 71, 1, 4, 104, 85


Ooft they really get done over by a couple of powerplays there.


Decent total though.


Really like that England ODI kit.


Silly sausage


Is all the cricket on Sky always on Sky Sports 2? Just wondering as I’m considering getting a mobile package for £5/month, but it only has 1, 2 and news. £10 for all channels. Only really want it for the cricket, although 1 is what most of the football is on, isn’t it? Or the ‘most important’ sport of a given day?


It’s not quite Graeme Swann on his way to get tools so he could rescue his cat from under the floorboards…


Nah, It was on 4 the other day iirhumblec. It’s usually on 2 though.


I thought it was on two? @kenako England internationals are pretty much always on Two. not sure about other nations/domestic.


Might be getting mixed up - was there cricket on Sunday same time as the last premier fixtures?

I’ve definitely seen England on channels other than 2 any way.


I’m not sure; there wasn’t an England fixture that day.


Aye, I remember they turned sky 2 into sky ashes the last time the Aussies were in town. Could well be the IPL and or county stuff on 4 (occasionally?) But that’d be ok. It’s test cricket I want it mainly for


oooh, it might be worth considering that BT have apparently got the Ashes this winter.


Yeah, BT have the right for all Aussie home series including the Ashes this winter. Well worth considering.


Stokes an injury doubt for tomorrow :confused:


Oh bloody hell you’re right. Dagnabbit,

At least I can cancel this each month I don’t want it. Crictime’s been down for the count for me recently too :’(


No mention of today’s one-dayer?

Only just tuned in* but a heck of a finish. Good effort, Wood

* logged on to espncricinfo